• Gabon

    • Gabon, country lying on the west coast of Africa, astride the Equator.
    • A former French colony, Gabon retains strong ties to France and to the French language and culture.
    • The capital is Libreville.

    Gabon has so much to offer, here are some of the things Gabon is known for.

    • Loango National Park: Following a troupe of wild gorillas.
    • Lopé National Park: Coming across wild elephants amidst spectacular scenery.
    • Libreville: Kicking back in this cosmopolitan city and taking a day trip to nearby Pointe Denis.
    • Mayumba National Park: Bodysurfing the waves while watching humpback whales breach in the distance.
    • Lambaréné: Exploring the charming, laid-back town made famous by the Nobel prize-winning Albert Schweitzer.
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