• RIBBA Frame, black, 30x40 cm

    Fits A4 size pictures if used with the mount. The mount enhances the picture and makes framing easy. PH-neutral mount; will not discolour the picture. Can be hung horizontally or vertically to fit in the space available.

  • Choose Size 23x23 cm Selected. Add to shopping bag for delivery details and stock availability. You can place the motif on the front or back of the extra deep frame. The mount enhances the picture and makes framing easy.

    Also Know, what size frame is 30x40cm? Picture frames / Sizes / 30x40cm | 11 ¾ x 15 ¾ 7” (30x40cm).

    Similarly, you may ask, what size are Ikea frames?

    Photo Size Guide (Matboard)

    RECTANGLE FRAME SIZE (Main Label) PHOTO SIZE 13cm x 18cm (5R) 10cm x 15cm (4R) 13cm x 18cm (5R) 21cm x 30cm (A4) 13cm x 18cm (5R) 21cm x 30cm (A4) 30cm x 40cm (~A3) 21cm x 30cm (A4) 30cm x 40cm (~A3) 40cm x 50cm 30cm x 40cm (~A3) 40cm x 50cm
    What size frame is 50x70cm?

    Frames 50x70cm. Desenio offers a vast assortment of frames, and in this category we have grouped together all of our 50x70 cm frames. Our frames are available in white, black, gold, silver, copper and oak, and all come with Plexiglas to make your frame more durable while retaining a glassy appearance.

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