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    You can give them access to your My Financial Center account using Access Delegation. They can then log into to my.byu.edu using their own Net ID to deposit money onto your account. Or, Using your BYU ID or Signature Card number, they can make a deposit via the Add Money to a Signature Card link on the Deposits page.

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    The BYU ID Students, employees, and affiliates can get an ID card at BYU ID Center, 1057 WSC. We will take your picture and print the card in our office - it only takes a few minutes.

    Beside above, what is my BYU ID number? BYU ID - Occasionally you may be asked for your BYU ID. This is a 9 or 11 digit number that identifies you in many BYU systems.

    Additionally, how do I put money on my cougar card?

    Adding Cash to your Cougar Cash Account

    1. Click on the Cougar Card icon.
    2. Select the Add Cash option on the menu.
    3. The next screen is for your credit card information.
    4. A confirmation screen will be displayed with a receipt for the transaction and for the deposit account.
    5. You will get a confirmation email with a notification of payment for your credit card.

    What is Cougar Cash BYU?

    Cougar Cash is a convenient method to bypass typical banking fees and hassles. Students can load money to their student ID card by logging into my.byu.edu (then selecting My Financial Center on the left column under Campus Resources) or through the BYU app.

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