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    The Socs were the rich kids. They lived on the West Side. The Socs were always getting drunk and looking for fights with greasers. The Greasers always thought that the Socs had it better than them, but they find out that the Socs are cool to the point of not feeling anything.

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    Ponyboy and his poor group of friends are collectively known as the Greasers. Their rivals, the Socials, better known as the Socs, are rich kids from the west side of town.

    Similarly, who are the SOCS and what are their values? The Socs value their place in society, their sense of superiority, and their possessions. They also value loyalty to their own group to the exclusion of others. Randy Adderson and Cherry Valance are the only Socs who show any understanding or demonstrate any friendship for anyone who isnt a part of their social class.

    Regarding this, what does SOCS stand for in the outsiders?

    for Socials

    Is the outsiders a true story?

    The Outsiders is a non-fiction book. Non-fiction means its not a true story and fiction means its a true story.

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