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    Share All sharing options for: Vizio acquired byChinese tech company LeEco for billion. Chineseelectronics firm LeEco is buying American TV manufacturerVizio for billion. The acquisition was announced during apress event this morning in Los Angeles, giving LeEco an instantfoothold in the US television market

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    Along with AmTran, an affiliate of Foxconn also has astake in the company and is involved in the manufacturing of theVizio television sets. Some people ask Is Viziomanufactured by Sony? but this isnt the case. Vizioand Sony are separate and competing companies.

    Similarly, did Vizio go out of business? A billion acquisition of TV giant Vizio wasannounced. Now, Vizio has dropped all pretenses and iscalling out LeEco for allegedly being a dishonest deadbeatcompany. The lawsuit filed by Vizio on Tuesday claimsthat LeEco owed a million buyer-termination fee when theacquisition fell through.

    In this regard, is vizio a Chinese company?

    Vizio manufactures its products in Mexico andChina under agreements with ODM assemblers in thosecountries. On July 26, 2016, Chinese electronicscompany LeEco announced that it would acquire Viziofor US billion.

    Is Vizio an American made product?

    This comment may confuse people to believe thatVizio TVs are Made in America while all otherTV companys are intruding foreign brands. While its trueVizios headquarters is located in Irvine, CA, the XVT472SVwe just tested clearly states, MADE IN CHINA on the backof the TV.

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