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    How long do your deli meats stay fresh in the refrigerator? Our products are not highly processed. In order for you to enjoy optimum flavor, we recommend that you do not purchase more product than you can consume within three days.

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    Opened fresh deli meat: You can store the meat for 5-6 days in the fridge and in the freezer, you can keep it for 2-3 weeks.

    Also, is Boars Head deli meat processed? With Boars Head Simplicity products, you can enjoy high-quality, flavorful delicatessen meats and cheeses fresh from the deli, all minimally processed with no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and no antibiotics ever.

    In respect to this, what stores carry Boars Head deli meats?

    Stores that sell Boars Head deli meats include Publix, Stop and Shop and Ralphs, as of June 2015. Boars Head products are also available at certain fine delis and gourmet shops. Customers can find retailers that sell Boars Head products by calling the companys sales office at 888-884-2627.

    What happens if I eat old lunch meat?

    According to the American Dietetic Association, once you open a package of lunch meat, its safe to eat it for about five days. After that, or if it has been left sitting out of the refrigerator, eating it or feeding it to your kids could result in a case of food poisoning.

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