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    • New Caledonia is located in Oceania.

    • New Caledonia is a country belonging to France. In essence, New Caledonia is an offshore extension of France. Positioned in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean, New Caledonia is to the east of Australia and south of Vanuatu. New Caledonia is what you would call an archipelago, meaning it is comprised of numerous smaller islands: the Isle of Pines, Grande Terre, the Chesterfield Islands, the Loyalty Islands, and the archipelago of Belep. This country is located in the Melanesia Subregion of the world. As an island country, New Caledonia does not physically touch any other landforms.

    • New Caledonia is found at the GPS coordinates of 20.9043° S and 165.6180° E. The first point is the country's latitude, which indicates that New Caledonia is part of the southern hemisphere. As such, this country lies beneath the equator. The second point is the longitudinal coordinate of New Caledonia. It shows that the country is situated in the eastern hemisphere.

    • New Caledonia’s mean level of elevation is 0 feet above sea level due to the nature of the island country. As an archipelago, most of New Caledonia’s area exists at sea level. Therefore, the lowest point of elevation in the country is also at sea level. This point is situated along the coastline of New Caledonia on the shore of the Coral Sea. The country's tallest point is atop the mountain of Mont Panie. With an elevation of 5,341 miles above sea level, Mont Panie is part of the Chaîne Centrale Mountain Range, which is located on the Grande Terre Island of New Caledonia.

    • New Caledonia has a total area of approximately 104,154 square miles. There are about 103,737 square miles of land in the country of New Caledonia.

    • These land areas are divided into sixteen different regions. New Caledonia’s land is spread across Stewert Island, Kermadec Island, Aukland Island, Antipodes Island, Bounty Island, Chatham Island, and Campbell Island. The remaining 416 square miles are strictly water regions.

    • About 281,645 people currently live in New Caledonia, and though over two-hundred-thousand people sounds like a hefty population, New Caledonia's population accounts for even less than 1% of the global population.

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