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    With a Supercharged 6.2L HEMI® SRT V8 Engine at the core of the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, drivers can expect to go from 0-60 MPH is a mind-blowing 3.4 seconds!

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    The new 2020 Hellcat Widebody delivers a staggering 0-60 MPH time of just 3.6 seconds with the help of a supercharged 6.2L HEMI® SRT® V8 engine. Compared to 11 seconds for the 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT® Hellcat, the Hellcat Widebody is capable of hitting a quarter mile on the track in just 10.96 seconds.

    how fast can a Dodge Hellcat Redeye go? You can reach 60 mph in 3.4 seconds, but that doesnt convey how quick the Redeye is once it has grip. Above 60, its truly a rocketship.

    Correspondingly, how fast can the Hellcat go?

    When you are ready to fire up the Hellcat and see what the Challenger can do, you will go 0-60 in 3.6 seconds, and reach a top speed of 200 miles per hour. There is a reason the 2018 Dodge Challenger Hellcat is one of the fastest and most powerful production models.

    What is the fastest 0 to 60 car?

    Bugatti Chiron (2.5 seconds) The Bugatti Chiron has repeatedly achieved 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds, and is famously the fastest production car in the world.

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