• Cambodia is located in Asia.

    • Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia. Cambodia is part of the Indochina Peninsula.

    • Cambodia is in the northern and eastern hemispheres. With a latitude of 12.5657° N and a longitude of 104.9910° E, the people of Cambodia are part of the Indochina Time Zone, which operates seven hours ahead of Global Mountain Time. The geographic centerpoint of Cambodia is

    • Cambodia is surrounded by three other Southeast Asian countries as well as a main body of water. Thailand lies to the upper northwest of Thailand, while Laos is to the northeast. Cambodia shares both its eastern and southern borders with Laos. The Gulf of Thailand can be found along the western coastline of Cambodia.

    • The northernmost point of Cambodia is the Ta Veaeng District. Located in the Rattanakiri Province, this point lies at a latitude of 14°41′ N and a longitude of 107°32′ E. In the south, Cambodia stretches as far as an archipelago in the Gulf of Siam. Called the Koh Poulo Wai Islands, they can be found at GPS coordinates of 9°54′ N and 102°53′ E. The most extreme point to the west of Cambodia is in the city of Malai, located in the Banteay Meanchey Province near Thailand. The GPS coordinates of the westernmost point are 13°53′ N and 102°33′ E. The easternmost point of Cambodia is also in the Rattanakiri Province, though unlike the northernmost point, the most extreme point to the east can be found in the Ou Ya Dav District. The GPS coordinates of this point are 13°22′ N and 107°37′ E.

    • On average, Cambodia is at an elevation of 413 feet above sea level. This altitude sounds smaller than you'd expect Cambodia's mean elevation level to be when you think about its tallest point. Phnum Aoral, a peak in the Cardamom Mountain Range, sits at an elevation of 5,940 feet above sea level. In contrast, the lowest point of elevation is 0 feet above sea level. This point is along the Gulf of Thailand.

    • ##Total Area, Population, and Density of Cambodia

    • Cambodia's current population is about 16,351,048 people. The population of the entire world is over 7,600,000 people, and this number continuously climbs by the second as more and more people are born.

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