• Latvia

    • Latvia, country of northeastern Europe and the middle of the three Baltic states.

    Latvia has so much to offer, here are some of the things Latvia is known for.

    • Rīga: Clicking your camera at the nightmarish menagerie of devilish gargoyles, mythical beasts, praying goddesses and twisting vines that inhabits the city's surplus of art nouveau architecture.
    • Old Rīga: Losing yourself in the Unesco-protected maze of cobblestones, church spires and gingerbread trim.
    • Cape Kolka: Listening to the waves pound the awesomely remote cape, which crowns the desolate Kurzeme coast.
    • Cēsis: Launching lighting raids into Gauja National Park from the castle fortress.
    • Ventas Rumba: Joining swarms of fish trying to jump over the waterfall, the widest (and possibly the shortest) in Europe.
    • Rundāle Palace: Sneaking away from the capital and indulging in aristocratic decadence.
    • Liepāja: Wandering past gritty Soviet tenements and gilded cathedrals in this crumbling Karosta district.
    • Jūrmala: Hobnobbing with Russian jetsetters in the heart of the swanky spa scene.
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