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    • Jordan is located in Asia.

    • Jordan is part of Western Asia. Known by its official name, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, this country is located on the East Bank of the Jordan River, hence its name. Jordan is also an Arab country. With Syria in the north and Saudi Arabia to the south, Jordan shares borders with three other countries, along with the Dead Sea in the west and the Red Sea along its northwestern border. The three countries that encompass Jordan are Israel, Iraq, and Palestine, otherwise known as the West Bank.

    • Jordan's GPS coordinates are a latitude of 30.5852° N and a longitude of 36.2384° E. These points indicate that Jordan is situated in the northern and eastern hemispheres. The country is located above the equator as well.

    • Jordan is not surrounded by land, though the majority of its borders are shared with other Western Asian countries. In terms of water areas, the southwestern corner of Jordan lies along the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba. The Dead Sea is located along Jordan's western border as well. With Syria and Golan Heights to the north, Jordan is bordered by Iraq in the northeast and Saudi Arabia in the east. Saudi Arabia continues to circle Jordan along its southern border. Palestine, Israel, and The West Bank lie along Jordan's western border.

    • The northernmost point of Jordan is at the intersection of the borders between Jordan, Iraq, and Syria. The latitude of Jordan's most extreme northern location is 33°22' N. Jordan's furthest point in the south is situated on a railroad. The Amman-Tabuk railroad on the border of Jordan and Saudi Arabia is situated at a latitudinal coordinate of 29°11' N.

    • To the west, Jordan's most extreme point is in the Aqaba Governorate with a longitude of 34°55' E. Situated near the Gulf of Aqaba, the westernmost point of Jordan is along the country's border with Saudi Arabia. In the east, the country of Jordan reaches its farthest point in the governorate of Mafraq. Positioned along the border between Jordan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, this point has a longitude of 39°20' E.

    • As of 2019, the population of Jordan has reached a peak of 9,988,775 people, which is the 89th largest population size across the globe. The country's total area is 34,495 square miles, of which 34,286 square miles are land, and 208 square miles are water areas. The population density of Jordan is about 290 people for every square mile in the country's parameters.

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