• Wreck-It Ralph: I'm Bad, and that's good, I will never be good and that's not bad, there's no one Id rather bethan me. Fix-It Felix Jr.: That must be Mario at the door! Wreck-It Ralph: I can be a good guy if I wanted to be one. Wreck-It Ralph: I don't wanna be the bad guy anymore.

  • Vanellope is the only main character that (in the first film) never calls Ralph by his title Wreck-it. Vanellope had no memory of being the Princess of Sugar Rush because Turbo locked up the memories of all the racers, including hers.

    Secondly, what is Wreck it Ralphs last name? Last known status Wreck-It Ralph is the protagonist of the movie series with the same name, Wreck-It Ralph. He is the main antagonist in the game Fix-It Felix, Jr. but is tired and dissatisfied of being the bad guy due to feeling unwanted and hated in his game.

    Consequently, what does Fix It Felix say?

    Fix-It Felix : I dont have to do boo! Forgive my potty-mouth.

    What is Wreck it Ralphs friends name?

    Ralph — Finally gets the respect hes wanted from the Nicelanders, and thus enjoys his job more. And he has made a best friend: Vanellope.

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