• Basically, to cook concealer, you applyitto your face and let it sit for around 10-20minutesbefore blending. This will let theconcealerwarm up, thicken, and (slightly) change colorandtexture.

  • The truth is theres no right way toapplyunder-eye concealer. Some people find that itworks bestafter foundation, while others prefer toapplyconcealer first. A lot depends on the foundationyouuse, the extent of coverage you need, and yourpersonalpreferences for makeup finish and appearance.

    Likewise, should you put foundation on your eyelids? Never put concealer or foundation onyoureyelids as a base, it will cause your eye makeuptocrease. Use your fingers to apply your foundationifyou want sheer coverage and a brush for medium tofullcoverage. Prep lids for any eye look with a matte base shadowthatmatches the lightest part of your face.

    Beside above, can you mix concealer with moisturizer?

    Step 2: Mix a few drops of concealerwithmoisturizer. Yes, makeup gurus recommend you useaconcealer that is a shade or two lighter than yourskin.When using concealer as a foundation, however,youllneed the color to disappear into yourskin.

    What is the best setting powder?

    Here are the best makeup setting powders you can buyin2019:

    • Best makeup setting powder overall: Laura MercierTranslucentLoose Setting Powder.
    • Best luminous makeup setting powder: Hourglass VeilTranslucentSetting Powder.
    • Best subtle makeup setting powder: Glossier Wowder.
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