• Caroline Merrin Fisher

    m. 2005

  • Bo Bice net worth: Bo Bice is an American singer and songwriter who has a net worth of .5 million.

    Subsequently, question is, who does Bo Bice sing with now? Blood, Sweat and Tears Since 2013

    Considering this, is Bo Bice still with blood sweat and tears?

    Heres how the email began: Per our conversation today, you are now aware that Bo Bice is no longer with BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS.

    Where does Bo Bice live now?

    Bice, now 42, spent ages 3 to 12 in Covington and lived in London as a teen. He recently moved back to Helena, his wife Carolines hometown 20 miles south of Birmingham. He is in the midst of selling his Covington compound, which he said got a viable offer in less than a week.

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