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    Definition. TX. Texas (US postal abbreviation)

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    There are several commonly used abbreviations in the medical field. For example Dx stands for diagnosis, Tx stands for treatment, Hx stands for history, and Rx stands for prescription.

    Beside above, what does TX mean in school? Hello, When using TX as a score, it means the following: TX does not count. The student is not responsible for the assignment but will appear on the Missing Assignment Report . The student is temporarily excused .

    Also, is TX short for treatment?

    When I was first involved with health services research, I was working on a project about organ donation, and in that world, Tx stood for transplantation. I was very confused for a while when I moved to a new project, and Tx suddenly meant treatment or therapy.

    What is Tx mean in medical terms?

    Rx stands for the Latin Recipe. Dx is Diagnosis. Tx is Treatment.

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