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    Neptune has the wildest and strangest weather in the entire Solar System. It has huge storms with extremely high winds. Its atmosphere has dark spots which come and go, and bright cirrus-like clouds which change rapidly. Neptune has an average temperature of -353 Fahrenheit (-214 Celsius).

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    The average temperature on Neptune is about minus 200 degrees Celsius (minus 392 degrees Fahrenheit). Neptune, the farthest known planet of our solar system, is located about 30 times farther away from the sun than Earth is.

    Subsequently, question is, would a human survive on Neptune? Neptune, like the other gas giants in our solar system, doesnt have much of a solid surface to live on. But the planets largest moon, Triton, could make an interesting place to set up a space colony.

    Hereof, can you breathe on Neptune?

    Neptunes atmosphere doesnt consist of Oxygen gas, mostly made up of methane and liquid hydrogen, unbreathable. Neptune is a gas giant. It is made up entirely of gas and doesnt offer a surface to step on. Humans require oxygen to breathe.

    Does Neptune have snow?

    With an average temperature of about minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 60 degrees Celsius), the nearby planet is certainly cold enough for snow.

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