• Tonicity refers to what the cell does in a certain environment. If the environment is hypertonic, the cell will shrink due to water leaving the cell. If the outer environment is hyperosmotic, the concentration of solutes outside the cell is greater than the concentration inside the cell.

  • Hyperosmotic: When one solution has a higher osmotic concentration than another. Hypoosmotic: When one solution has a lower osmotic concentration than another.

    Furthermore, what is a Hyperosmotic solution? Hyperosmotic Definition. Hyperosmotic can refer to solutions that have increased osmotic pressure, or a greater difference between solutes and solutions between a membrane. In other instances, hyperosmotic refers to a solution that has more solutes, or components of a solution, than a similar solution.

    Just so, can a Hyperosmotic solution be hypotonic?

    Hypotonic: When cell has higher [non-penetrating solutes] than solution → water flows into cell causing it to swell. A hyperosmotic solution can be hypertonic, isotonic, or hypotonic depending on relative [non-penetrating solutes] in cell and solution.

    What is the difference between hypertonic and hypotonic?

    Hypertonic refers to a greater concentration. In biology, a hypertonic solution is one with a higher concentration of solutes outside the cell than inside the cell. Hypotonic refers to a lesser concentration. In biology, a hypotonic solution has a lower concentration of solutes outside the cell than inside the cell.

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