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    Shrimp Sizing Chart

    Common Sizing Term (Varies) **Shrimp** Count Per Pound Approx. Count Per 3 oz Serving   Extra Large 26/30 6-7 **shrimp**   Large **31**/35 8-9 **shrimp**   Medium Large 36/**40** 9-10 **shrimp**   Medium 41/50 10-12 **shrimp**
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    Medium and below, about 9 to 11 shrimp per person. Large to jumbo, about 5 to 7 shrimp per person. Extra jumbo and above, about 3 to 5 per person.

    Additionally, what do the numbers mean on shrimp? The count refers to the number of individual shrimp in 1 pound. So for instance, when you buy 1 pound of 21/25 count shrimp, you can expect to get 21 to 25 shrimp. The smaller the numbers, the bigger the shrimp. This means there are “under 15” or “under 10” shrimp per pound.

    Also to know is, what size is 41 50 shrimp?

    There are many ways of describing shrimp sizes such as jumbo, large or medium as well as with counts such as 21-25 or 26-30. Here we explain the differences and how to choose the right shrimp for your recipe.

    Shrimp Size Chart.

    Shrimp Size Shrimp Per Pound Medium 41-50 Medium Large 36-40 Large 31-35 Extra Large 26-30
    How much shrimp do I need for 30 adults?

    The number on the label will indicate the number of shrimp in the package. If it reads 21/25, you know there should be from 21 to 25 shrimp in each pound.

    Shrimp Counts Per Pound and Serving Sizes.

    Size Count Per Pound Extra Jumbo 16/20 Jumbo 21/25 Extra Large 26/30 Large 31/35

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