• Probably an abbreviation for miles.

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    The horizontal line is the scale. It has miles on upper side and kilometres on lower side. If you want to measure in miles, then you refer to the upper side. The distance from the vertical line on the top left till the end of the words 2 mi on the right is equivalent to 2 miles.

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    In this way, does MI stand for miles?

    The mile is an English unit of length of linear measure equal to 5,280 feet, or 1,760 yards, and standardised as exactly 1,609.344 metres by international agreement in 1959. The mile was usually abbreviated m. in the past but is now sometimes written as mi to avoid confusion with the SI metre.

    Is Google maps to scale?

    Google Maps shows a 1km ruler (bottom left of the map) which is 90 pixels in length, at zoom level 13. Assuming the screen resolution is 96 dpi or 36 dpcm, at zoom level 13 we have 0.4km (from 36/90) in 1cm, which yields map scale of 1:40,000 for a 96dpi screen.

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