• If that does not work, try resetting the remote to its default factory settings.

    1. Press and hold MUTE and SELECT together until the light flashes three times.
    2. Press 9, 8, 1 and SELECT. The remote flashes four times and should now reset.

  • The easiest way to fix your remote is by pressing and holding the Mute and Enter button until you see “Applying IR/ RF setup” appear on the screen. Resetting the receiver may restore remote functions. Near the access card is a red reset button, press and hold that until the receiver restarts.

    Likewise, why does my DirecTV remote not change channels? Change the channel using the channel up/down buttons on the receiver. If you can change channels on the receiver, change the batteries in your remote. If you cant change channels from the receiver, turn it off and unplug it. After at least 15 seconds, plug the receiver back in and turn it on.

    Accordingly, how do I reset my DirecTV remote control?

    To reset DIRECTV remotes to their default factory settings, press and hold the MUTE and SELECT buttons until the remotes light flashes three times. Then, enter 981 and press SELECT. The remote will flash four times to let you know it has been reset.

    Why is my remote not working?

    Open the battery compartment on the back of the remote and remove both batteries. Press and hold any button on the remote for 20 Seconds. Release the button and reinsert the batteries properly. If the remote does not work, there may be something wrong with the remote or with the remote sensor on the TV.

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