• Traverse is a method in the field of surveying to establish control networks. Traverse networks involve placing survey stations along a line or path of travel, and then using the previously surveyed points as a base for observing the next point.

  • There are two types of traverse surveying. They are: Closed traverse: When the lines form a circuit which ends at the starting point, it is known as a closed traverse. Open traverse: When the lines form a circuit ends elsewhere except starting point, it is said to be an open traverse.

    Likewise, what is the aim of traversing? The purpose of traverse is to locate the unknown points relative to each other and to locate all points within the traverse relative to a common grid. Three elements of starting data are needed. They are the coordinates and height of a starting point and an azimuth to a visible azimuth mark.

    Considering this, what are the methods of traversing?

    The traversing is performed by four different methods and these methods are classified according to the survey instrument used.

    • Chain Traversing. Chain traversing is done by taking linear measurements only.
    • Compass Traversing.
    • Theodolite Traversing.
    • Plane Table Traversing.

    What are the types of surveying?

    The core disciplines of surveying are:

    • Land surveying (also known as Cadastral Surveying)
    • Engineering surveying.
    • Mining surveying.
    • Hydrographic (Bathymetric) surveying.
    • Geodetic surveying.
    • Aerial (Photogrammetry and remote sensing)
    • Topographic (Detail/Tachymetry)
    • Notes.
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