• 8 Things To Do On Your 20th Birthday In The Winter That Are Cooler Than Ice

    1. Go Glow Tubing At Night With Your Besties.
    2. Rent Out A Castle For A Dreamy Weekend Escape.
    3. Stay Overnight In An Igloo Hotel.
    4. Plan A Ski Trip With Your Squad.
    5. Have A Fondue Party With Lots Of Chocolate And Cheese.

  • Method 1 of 3: Planning Fun Winter Birthday Party Activities

    • A bowling alley.
    • An arcade.
    • A restaurant.
    • A movie theatre.
    • A dance studio.
    • An indoor pool.
    • A studio with classes (e.g. ceramics painting or dancing)
    • An indoor or outdoor ice-skating rink.

    One may also ask, what should I do for my boyfriends 20th birthday? 11 Awesome 20th Birthday Ideas

    • Go Downtown (18 and Over Spots)
    • Throw a Party.
    • Go on a Road Trip.
    • Hit the Beach.
    • Dinner: Always a Winner.
    • Movie Anyone?
    • Amusement Park!
    • Mini Vacation.

    Also question is, what should I do for my 20th birthday?

    Things To Do On Your 20th Birthday:

    • Go shopping. How fun would this be?!
    • Take a trip to the beach. Go to the beach!
    • Go on a trip with friends. Going on a trip with friends sets you up with days of memories and celebrations.
    • Go to a concert.
    • Go to a nice dinner.
    • Have a girls pamper night.
    • Take a road trip.
    • Hotel Party.

    What should I do for my 20th birthday in NYC?

    16 Ideas For Celebrating Your Birthday In NYC Like A Boss

    • Check out a Broadway show. Instagram / @frozenbroadway.
    • Invite your friends for rooftop drinks.
    • Have a relaxing evening at a concert by candlelight.
    • Have birthday dinner in the dark.
    • Laugh hysterically at a comedy club.
    • Impress your pals with a jazz cruise.
    • Have an tea party for adults.
    • Plan an overnight getaway.
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