• April 21, 2012(Katie McNeil)

    December 5, 1969(Marcia Murphey)

    March 1963(Jayne Posner)

  • Neil Diamond has married thrice in his life so far. In 1963, Diamond married his high school sweetheart, school teacher, Jaye Posner. Marcia Murphey and Diamond had two sons, Jesse and Micah. They were happily married for 25 years but unfortunately got divorced in 1995.

    One may also ask, how many wives has Neil Diamond had? American singer-songwriter Neil Diamond has been married for three times. His first wife name is Jaye Posner who is his school sweetheart with whom he married in 1963. Before getting married in 1969, their relationship was blessed with two daughters Elyn and Marjorie.

    Consequently, is Neil Diamond still married to Katie McNeil?

    Neil Diamond and Katie McNeil. Diamond, 74, and McNeil, 45, got married in 2012; it is Diamonds third marriage but according to him is the right one. Despite the 29-year age difference, he has said “Ive finally found somebody whos up to the task of being my wife, because Im very… high maintenance.”

    How old is Neil Diamonds wife?

    Diamond is aged 77. His wife McNeil is 49. Thats an age difference of 29 years, thats a one-year shy three decades difference.

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