• According to Washington—who, for the record, says she doesn't actually drink alcohol herself—Shiraz is an Olivia Pope favorite.

  • The exact glass that Olivia Pope uses on Scandal — the tall, long-stemmed Camille Red Wine Glass from Crate and Barrel — can be yours, along with nine other stylishly modern options that we could see the Washington D.C. power player pairing with a mature Bordeaux.

    Secondly, which is the best red wine? Finding your sweet spot

    • Pinot Noir – acidity. Pinot Noir is the perfect red wine for understanding acidity.
    • Syrah/Shiraz – body. The body of the wine is also important.
    • Cabernet Sauvignon – tannin. Next up are tannins.
    • Zinfandel – alcohol. Most red wines are high in alcohol, but Zinfandel is one of the highest.

    Thereof, whats the wine Olivia Pope drinks?

    Patriot Cabernet Sauvignon by McGrail Vineyards So for any gladiators-in-training hoping to stand with Olivia Pope, we hope you feel confident taking on any assignment. And the best way to confront any challenge is with Olivias weapon of choice in hand: a glass of red wine.

    Is Olivia Pope a lawyer?

    On Scandal, she is a revered fixer who helped United States President Fitzgerald Grant (played by Tony Goldwyn) win office. Pope is a former lawyer and White House aide. Pope thinks fast and effectively. Some of her employees have law degrees, but do not serve as lawyers.

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