• Can't find it? Just show your ID for a new one.Workout towel—the must-have accessory. (bring one forfree, or buy one from us.)

  • Unlimited Guest Privileges This membership benefit gives you a built-inworkout partner and lets you help your friends in theprocess. Many parents find that this is an easy costeffective way to introduce their older children (16 yrs and up whenaccompanied by a legal guardian) to a lifetime of health andfitness.

    One may also ask, how much is EOS fitness a month? Join Now - Only .99/Month There is a new name in fitness that provides ahigh-quality gym environment where anyone can pursue a rangeof fitness goals. Our clubs offer premium fitnessamenities like group classes and well-maintainedequipment.

    Beside above, what does EOS stand for in EOS fitness?

    Entertainment Operating System. Community » Newsand Media. Rate it: EOS.

    Does EOS fitness take silver sneakers?

    All EOS Fitness locations participate in theSilver Sneakers program. If youre a group retiree, or partof a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Health plan, you mayalready have a SilverSneakers membership. This active adultwellness program is offered to many Medicare plans acrossthe nation.

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