• (transitive

  • verb (used with object) to be able to give or spare: He cant afford the loss of a day. to furnish; supply: The transaction afforded him a good profit. to be capable of yielding or providing: The records afford no explanation.

    Furthermore, how do you use the word afford? Examples of afford in a Sentence We were too poor to afford a doctor. Hell be able to afford a house next year. Dont spend more than you can afford.

    Similarly, you may ask, cant afford meaning in English?

    From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcan/could affordcan/could afford[usually negative] a) PAY FORto have enough money to buy or pay for somethingafford (to do) something We cant afford to go on vacation this year. I couldnt afford the rent on my own.

    Cant afford to wait Meaning?

    verb. If you say that you cannot afford to do something or allow it to happen, you mean that you must not do it or must prevent it from happening because it would be harmful or embarrassing to you. We cant afford to wait. [ VERB to-infinitive]

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