• 2-1-1 California is dedicated to helping Californians in need get access to, and benefit from, the rich range of social services available to them. 211 California is a partnership of United Ways of California and the California Alliance of Information and Referral Services.

  • Mental Health and Health Resources – including counseling, support groups, drug and alcohol treatment, health insurance programs, Medicaid and Medicare, maternal health resources, health insurance programs for children, medical information lines, clinics, and hospitals.

    Likewise, what is the number 211? 211 is a free, confidential referral and information helpline and website that connects people of all ages and from all communities to the essential health and human services they need, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 211 can be accessed by phone or computer.

    Beside this, what is 211 used for in Texas?

    Dialing 211 can connect you to assistance for food, housing, medical care and more. In Texas, 211 is managed by the department of Health and Human Services. 211 Texas helps link people to public assistance. Each call goes to a local center and it can connect you to assistance for food, housing, medical care and more.

    Why is 211 not working?

    If you are unable to access 211 from home you may be experiencing one of the following situations: – Your telephone service provider has not programmed 211 as part of the service. To correct the problem contact your telephone service providers repair number to report that you are unable to connect to 211.

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