• Dogs aren't allowed on the beautiful, sandy beach at Zephyr Cove Resort, but you're welcome to take them to the rocky shore at the far north end. Note: Cabins at Zephyr Cove Resort also are dog-friendly, as is the resort campground across the road. Please remember to pick up after your dogs.

  • Well known dog-friendly beaches at Lake Tahoe include:

    • Kiva Beach on the South Shore.
    • The north end of Zephyr Cove Beach on the East Shore.
    • Coon Street Beach in Kings Beach on the North Shore.

    Beside above, is Sand Harbor dog friendly? Sand Harbor is a pet-friendly recreation area at Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park. Pets are allowed during the off-season from mid-October to mid-April and must be kept on a leash under six feet in length. Sand Harbor can be accessed from 8am to 1 hour after sunset.

    Also to know, are dogs allowed on Kings Beach Lake Tahoe?

    Kings Beach State Recreation Area is dog-friendly. They welcome dogs on leash on sidewalks and in the shaded picnic areas under the pine trees. Fido can also join you at Coon St. Dog Area at the south end of Coon St. to the east of the boat ramp.

    Are dogs allowed at Nevada Beach?

    Nevada Beach and Campground This beach is located about a mile from the parking lot at Highway 50 and Kahle Drive. 7-mile-long beach, one of the most beautiful at Tahoe, is dog-friendly. Most of the strand is attached to Nevada Beach Campground, where dogs are allowed in campsites but not picnic areas near the water.

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