• What is my HAWKMail email address? Your HAWKMail address will be [myhacc_username]@__HAWKMail__.hacc.edu (ex: [email protected]HAWKMail.hacc.edu ). You can locate your HAWKMail address in myHACC under your Personal Information.

  • Accessing Your Hawkmail Account

    1. Go to Gmail and sign out of your personal account.
    2. At the login window select Add account at the bottom.
    3. Enter your Hawkmail address [[email protected]:]
    4. Enter your newpaltz user password and sign in.

    Additionally, what is HCC email address? 16, [email protected]:hccs.edu will be your new, permanent email address. If you have question, contact the Customer Support HelpDesk at 713-718-8800.

    Subsequently, question is, how do I set up my Hawkmail?

    Set-up Office 365 e-mail on an Android Phone

    1. Go to your Gmail icon and open on the top left select the settings box.
    2. Scroll down towards the bottom and select “Settings”
    3. Select your Hawkmail account and scroll down to Server settings.
    4. Click on Incoming settings and change Server to: outlook.office365.com.

    How do I apply to HACC?

    Apply to HACC at www.hacc.edu/applynow as a guest student. Within five to seven business days after applying to HACC, you will receive a letter from your campus admissions counselor welcoming you to HACC. Once you receive it, please review your letter for the following: Your HACC ID.

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