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    • Mongolia is located in Asia.

    • Mongolia is located in Eastern Asia, right between Russia and China. The country of Mongolia is entirely landlocked.

    • The GPS coordinates of Mongolia are denoted by a latitude of 46.8625° N and a longitude of 103.8467° E. Based on the directions associated with the latitude and longitude of Mongolia; the coordinates show that Mongolia is in the northern and eastern hemispheres, denoted by N and E, respectively. Mongolia is one of many countries that lies above the equatorial plane.

    • The northernmost point of Mongolia has a latitudinal coordinate of 52º09' N. This point lies along the Mongolian-Russian border. To the south, the most extreme point of Mongolia is along the border with China, at a latitude of 41°34'N. Compared to the southern points of the rest of the world, Mongolia’s southernmost point ranks as 162nd most southern locale.

    • The most extreme point to the west of Mongolia is at a longitude of 88°00' E. This point is part of the Bayan-Ölgii Province, on the border that Mongolia shares with China and Russia. In the east, Mongolia’s furthest point is located in the Dornod Province of Mongolia. The exact point has a longitudinal coordinate of 119°56' E. It is also along the border separating Mongolia from the Republic of China.

    • The population of Mongolia earns the East Asian country the title of the 137th most populated country in the world. As of 2018, Mongolia’s population has reached 3,141,908 people, which is an increase of 1.5% from Mongolia’s population a year ago. Mongolia’s population is over 3.1 million people and climbing, and yet, the country comprises barely 0.04% of the population of the entire world.

    • Mongolia has a total area of 603,900 square miles. In terms of total area, Mongolia ranks as the 18th largest country in the whole world. About 0.67% of Mongolia is made up of water areas, while the remaining 99.3% of the total area is strictly land regions.

    • Mongolia has one of the lowest population densities in the world. By dividing the population by the country’s total area, we find that there are approximately six people per square mile of Mongolia’s total area. Out of 254 countries and relative dependencies, Mongolia is the 249th least densely populated country.

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