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    • Montenegro is located in Europe.

    • Montenegro is a European country that lies along the Adriatic Sea in the southwest region of the country. Montenegro shares borders with five other European countries. In the west, Montenegro borders Croatia and Albania borders to the south. Kosovo and Serbia lie to the east, and to the north, Montenegro shares a border with the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Adriatic Sea is southwest of Montenegro as well.

    • The GPS coordinates of Montenegro are comprised of latitude of 42.7087° N and a longitude of 19.3744° E.

    • Montenegro has varying degrees of elevation levels. On average, Montenegro is at an elevation of 3,563 feet above sea level. At its lowest point, Montenegro is at sea level along the Adriatic Sea, meaning the lowest point of elevation is 0 feet above sea level. The highest mountain in Montenegro is 8,274 feet above sea level. Situated in the northernmost part of Montenegro, the highest point is atop the tallest peak in the country, Bobotov Kuk, which is found in the Durmitor Mountain Range.

    • With a coast that spans the southwest border for 183 miles, there are just about 120 beaches that comprise the country’s shoreline. Montenegro occupies a total area of 5,333 square miles. Of the total area, approximately 5,194 square miles are land areas. The remaining 139 square miles are made up of water. In percentages, Montenegro is 97.4% land and 2.6% water. Based on the total area of Montenegro, the European country is the 155th largest country in the world. In other words, Montenegro is the 40th smallest country.

    • The most recent census, conducted in 2018, reports that Montenegro has a population of 629,377 people. In terms of population relating to the rest of the world, Montenegro is the 164th most populous country on Earth. With a population of 629,377 people and a total area equal to 5,333 square miles, we can calculate the population density by dividing the former by the latter. From there, we find that there are approximately 118 people per square mile in Montenegro. While there is no rule requiring a certain number of people to reside per square mile, it is meant to show the relationship between population and area, placing Montenegro as the 121st most densely populated country in the world.

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