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    • Morocco is located in Africa.

    • Morocco is a country in North Africa, known as the Kingdom of Morocco; the sovereign state is positioned along the Mediterranean Sea. The Atlantic Ocean is to the west of Morocco, while the eastern region of Morocco borders Algeria. Mauritania is found to the south of Morocco.

    • Morocco has a total area of 277,473 square miles. Morocco is a country with one of the lowest percentages of water sources within its borders. With a total area made up of approximately 277,317 squares miles of land, Morocco’s very few water sources encompass a mere square mileage of 155. If you were to translate these values into percentages, you would find that Morocco is 99.94% land and only 0.06% water. Morocco is the 40th largest country in terms of total area.

    • The population of Morocco is approximately 36,383,100 people, an estimate that is based on the findings of the census conducted in 2018. As the 40th most populated country in the whole world, Morocco makes up less than 0.5% of the world’s total population. With knowledge as to Morocco’s population and total area, we can determine the population density. By dividing the population by the entire area, the density of Morocco comes to approximately 131 people per square mile.

    • The lowest level of elevation in Morocco is below sea level. This point is located in Sebkha Tah, a basin in Morocco that dips below sea level by 180.4 feet. The tallest point in all of Morocco is situated at an elevation of 13,666 feet above sea level. This point is at the top of a mountain called Toubkal in the southwest region of Morocco. The spelling of this landmark differs depending on preference, so it is sometimes written as Tubkal as well. Not only is the mountain the highest point in all of Morocco, but it is also the tallest peak in all of Morocco. Toubkal surpasses the highest altitudes of everywhere else in the Arab World, including the Atlas Mountain Range and North Africa as a whole.

    • Bangladesh is located at a latitude of 23.6850° N, and a longitude of 90.3563° E. Bangladesh is six hours ahead of Global Mountain Time, operating in the Bangladesh Standard Time Zone.

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