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    What are some tradational games of Pakistan?

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    Hockey is Pakistan's national game but for some reason, Cricket became more popular. In northern areas, people play polo but since barrier to entry for that sport is high its not as popular.

    Carrom is an indoor board game that resembles popular games like air hockey that is also played widely.

    Gulli Dand is another one, which requires a 2-3-foot-long stick called a danda, and a smaller 3-6-inch stick called a gulli. The rules and distances are decided beforehand, and a circle is marked as the starting point of the game. The gulli is placed half on a stone, half in the air, and it’s the responsibility of the person who holds the danda (the batter) to hit the gulli. If they do, they are to run a certain distance while the gulli is in mid-air, and are given out if a member of the opposing team catches it before they complete that distance.

    Pittu Garam (Seven Stones) is also an outdoor game, which is mostly played in villages

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