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    Pros of Living in Busan

    ✅ Very safe

    ✅ Fast internet

    ✅ Lots of fun stuff to do

    ✅ Warm in the spring

    ✅ Good air quality on average

    ✅ Nomad List members liked going here a lot

    ✅ Many Nomad List members have been

    ✅ Spacious and not crowded

    ✅ Very easy to do business

    ✅ High quality of education

    ✅ Great hospitals

    ✅ Roads are pretty safe

    ✅ Freedom of speech

    ✅ Democratic

    ✅ Very safe for women

    ✅ Family friendly

    Cons of Living in Busan

    ❌ Gets cold in the winter

    ❌ Not many Nomad List members right now

    ❌ Very difficult to make friends

    ❌ People don't speak English well

    ❌ Hostile towards LGBTQ+

    ❌ People smoking tobacco a lot

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    Great place if you like Korean cuisine and fresh fish in general. Haedong Yonggungsa seaside temple is the absolute highlight. Locals are helpful too bad 8/10 won't speak english. Young people included! Remember: Uber, Grab, Google Maps won't work in Korea, in favour of Kakao app which is pure garbage and all in Korean. And by the way pornography is illegal.

  • Korea's second biggest city after Seoul. Busan is a nice place to go if you want to see another part of Korea that's still pretty comfortable. It's in the south of South Korea on the ocean, and that makes it a great place to eat fish. In fact that's where all the fish in Seoul comes from, so you can eat it fresh in Busan! In many ways Busan feels like Seoul but 10 or 20 years ago. It's a bit more grimy and broken down and less futuristic than Seoul, but still very nice. I'd suggest staying in Seomyeon, which is kinda like Seoul's Hongdae. It's a student area with some hipster vibes to it. But take hipster vibes with a grain of salt, this is Busan after all. People are very friendly, even more friendly than Seoul. Where in Seoul as a foreigner they don't really care anymore, in Busan you're still hailed as a curiosity which can be fun! If you want to see the beach, take a taxi to Haeundae Beach. It's especially nice in the evening if you'd like to party. Korean beach culture is a bit different than in the West, so you'll probably see less swimming and sunbathing that you're used to. More like people walking on the beach boulevard. Also nice is to see the Jagalchi fish market, pick some fish you like in the big building and you can ask them to prepare it for you upstairs and cook it. Fish as fresh as you can get in Korea.

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