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    What languages are spoken in Cyprus?

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    Cyprus, an island nation off the coast of Turkey, has the official languages of Greek and Turkish.Because of the division, Greek is spoken largely in the southern part of the island and Turkish in the northern part.English is also widely spoken, and official documents are usually available in English as well as Greek and Turkish. In the south, Street signs are usually in Greek and English, occasionally in Greek, English and Turkish.Greek Cypriots speak Greek but they also have their own dialect called the Cyprian dialect. Turkish Cypriots speak Turkish but some elder ones also speak the Cyprian dialect. The English language is also used.greek,turkish and englishCyprus is not a language. The Cypriots speak Greek.Half of them do because they are Greek but the other half of Cyprus are Turkish cipriots,sometimes the Greeks speak Turkish and sometimes the Turkish speak Greek, there is never one language in Cyprus it will always be two, logically.Most people in Cyprus speak Greek although Turkish is the official language.Greek on the Hellenic side and Turkish on The Turkish SideMost people speak Greek although in some areas, mainly Limassol, Russian is very common as well as Filipino.Greek (70%) Turkish (30%)Nope they dont they speak GreekTurkish and/or Greek. The Turks and the Greeks have been fighting over Cyprus for hundreds of years, continuing to this day.Cyprus is a divided island- in the South, the official language is Greek, although English is widely spoken and many roadsigns, shop names etc. are bilingual. There are also English-language newspapers and periodicals, English radio stations, and the vast majority of Greek Cypriots speak at least some English (although in very rural areas, they may struggle to get beyond a few words).In the North, the official language is Turkish. English is spoken here too, but its not used publicly to anything near the same degree as in the South, and you wont find many English-speakers in the more rural areas.1. Greek, 2. Turkish.The languages spoken are Greek Turkish and English.The 2 official languages are Greek and Turkish.Spoken languages are Greek, Turkish, English

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