• What is the capital of South Africa?

  • The Republic of South Africa has three capitals:Pretoria, often treated as the single capital, is home to the executive branch of government (including the President).Cape Town is home to the Assembly and the Supreme Court is located in Bloemfontein.Although Johannesburg is the commercial center of the country, is not actually one of the capital cities.Pre - 1994, South Africa was divided into four provinces: Transvaal where Pretoria is located; Orange Free State, Bloemfontein; Cape where Cape Town is located. Natal was the only province without a capital city, Durban being the major city and the largest and busiest seaport in South Africa.South Africa has three (3) capitals. This was instituted in order to placate the three different separate states that would merge to form the Republic of South Africa (The Cape Colony, The Orange Free State, and the Boer Republic (a.k.a. Transvaal)).The three capitals are:Cape Town - LegislativeBloemfontein - JudiciaryPretoria - Administrative

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