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    • Slovenia is located in Europe.

    • Slovenia is located in central Europe. The GPS coordinates of Slovenia are 46.1512° N, and 14.9955° E. Slovenia is surrounded by four other European countries and one main body of water. To the north, Slovenia is bordered by Austria. Hungary is situated to the northeast of Hungary, while Croatia runs along the southern border and lower southeastern border of Slovenia, as well as a very minimal stretch along the southwestern boundary of Slovenia. In the west, Slovenia is bordered by Italy. The Mediterranean Sea is along the southwest region of Slovenia. Here, the coastline of Slovenia spans for a length of approximately 26.719 miles in all.

    • The total area of Slovenia is an estimated 12,597 square miles. Of the whole area, Slovenia is comprised of 75.8 miles of water, while the remaining 12,521 square miles are land areas. In percentages, Slovenia is 0.7% land and 99.3% water.

    • Slovenia has a population of 2,081,551 people, as of a recent census taken in 2018. The population of Slovenia is only a minor fraction of the world’s population. Slovenia is only home to about 0.03% of people in the entire world. Based on population alone, the country ranks as the 148th most populated.

    • The population density of Slovenia amounts to a value of approximately 165.24, or 166, people per square mile. Based on density, Slovenia is the 106th most dense country in the world, out of a total of 195 countries.

    • The most extreme point of Slovenia in the north is in the village, Budinci, of Switzerland’s Šalovci municipality. The exact coordinate of the northernmost point is 46°52' N. In Slovenia, the southernmost point is located along the Slovenian-Croatian border, with a latitudinal coordinate of 45°25' N.

    • To the east, Slovenia reaches an extremity of 16°36' E. This point is in Benica, a small town in the municipality of Lendava. In the west, the most extreme point of Slovenia is in Breginj, a village in Kobarid, one of Switzerland’s 2,636 municipalities. The exact location of the westernmost point is a latitude of 13°23' E.

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