Was the state of Israel settled by people fleeing the Zionist policies of Nazi Germany?

  • Was the state of Israel settled by people fleeing the Zionist policies of Nazi Germany?

  • First of all, sweetheart, Nazi Germany never had Zionist policies. There has been a continuous Jewish population in Israel for a little over 3,000 years now, although there have been times when their numbers dropped very low. The modern migration of Jews back to Israel began sometime late in the 19th Century (that was the 18 hundreds). That was the time when the individual Jews and the small communities of Jews, who always knew that they werent actually welcome anywhere, began to share that realization with each other. If there were any who hadnt actually realized it yet, it was hard for them to miss the way that as soon as things began to go bad for this country or that one or the other one, there were always loud voices high up in that country who blamed all of the countrys problems on the Jews who lived there. So the idea began to take hold among the Jews that it might actually be possible to start rebuilding Jewish culture and society in the place where they always belonged, in Israel. As Czarist Russia was falling apart and things were going from bad to worse for Russian Jews, many of those who were able to leave Russia did so. My grandparents went to Argentina and to the US. Many other Russian Jews went to Israel. As Germany was going downhill in the 1920s and 30s and blaming it on the Jews, great numbers of Jews continued to ignore what was happening and believe that it would get better. Great numbers of other Jews who were able to leave Germany did that, and migrated to many other countries around the world, including Israel. By the time the Nazis had solidified power and created their policies specifically aimed at Jews, in the late 1930s, Jews were no longer allowed to come and go as they felt like it. Zionist policy is a policy that says Jews should be able to establish a Jewish nation in Israel. That was not the policy of Nazi Germany. The policy of Nazi Germany said that Jews are inferior human beings, that it is Germanys job to clean them off of the Earth, and that special railroad lines and death camps should be built to do the job. And thats exactly what Germany did, from 1938 until 1945, capturing and killing millions of Jews (and others) in Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, France, and Holland. After Germany lost the Second World War in 1945, most of the Jews who were still alive in those countries left, and went to other places. A lot of them went to Israel. Israel became a country in 1948, and since that time, there have been migrations to Israel of Jews from many countries, including large numbers from Russia, from Ethiopia, from Yemen, and from the US and Canada. In 1937, Zeev Jabotinsky proposed a mass exodus of Polish Jews to Mandatory Palestine, but before he could pitch the idea to the Polish Jewish communities (3.3 million people ... of whom 3 million would be mass-murdered), the British opposed the entry of any Polish Jews into Mandatory Palestine fearing Arab reprisals. If you wish to specifically discuss Immigration to Mandatory Palestine during the height of the Holocaust (1939-1945) you should note that the British White Paper of 1939 further minimized the legal Jewish immigration to a trickle. This widely prevented Jews from settling in Mandatory Palestine until after 1948 when the State of Israel was declared and opened its borders.

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