• Why are Armenians so hairy?

  • Armenians are very hairy people because during the armenian genocide they got raped by the Turks and the Turkish people are hairy therefore they are hairy.

    But the scientific answer would be: Hair growth in humans is complicated and influenced by several different genes and hormones. The prevailing theory is that we evolved to have less hair than primates because our ancestors evolved sweating as a strategy to keep cool on the African savannah, and too much hair gets in the way of sweating.

    But the evolutionary reasons why hairiness varies with ethnicity are unclear. Caucasian people are generally hairier than the Japanese, for example, even though testosterone levels are the same. The difference seems to be in how sensitive the hair follicles are to those testosterone levels. So it depends on a lot of factors which are hard to pinpoint. Also Armenians being hairy is also a steriotype.

  • @yellowkoala130 Are you dumb? you are telling people wrong information. Please stop the cap. Why are you even telling people about Armenians getting raped by Turks, how come have this even have effect on hair growth. Please if you can't answer properly then just don't. Mister @blackswan491 Armenians have high testosterone in their DNA even women, it really also depends on the background of an Armenian, some come from the far west of Armenia usually more hairy and some are from east.

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