• The letter patch, which is made out of a chenille fabric, usually sits on the left breast of the jacket. The letter is the first letter or the initials of the school and can be customized to fit a particular sport or activity.

  • Sports patches for letterman jackets typically go on the left sleeve. Your jersey number will go on your right sleeve at the same height as the graduation year on your left. If you receive chevron bars they will stack neatly under your jersey number on the right sleeve.

  • Nearly all of the standard patches cost 0 each and this covers the cost to affix it to the jacket.

    One may also ask, do you put your first or last name on a letterman jacket? First name: Your first name is embroidered on the front right chest. It can be in a different font from the last name. Additional lines or graphics can be placed underneath your name, such as your nickname, school logo, or sports emblem.

    Additionally, what do you put on a letterman jacket?

    Initials of School/College The initials or first letter of the schools name is usually placed on the left side of the jacket. It can be either the first letter or both. It is placed in a big, bold, and capital font.

    Is it better to sew or iron on a patch?

    Sew-on patches are just regular embroidered patches. They will feel less stiff in your hands compared to iron-on patches, as there is no heatfilm backing. As a result, you may find that sew-on patches actually flex more with the folds and bends in the material than iron-on patches.

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