• To remove nail polish without using remover, try using another product that has alcohol in it, like hairspray, perfume, or hand sanitizer. The alcohol will help dissolve the polish on your nails. Just apply the alcohol-based product to a cotton pad, then rub it over your nails.

  • From using a perfume to a toothpaste, here are 6 alternatives that you can try to remove your polish.

    1. Toothpaste. All you need to do for this hack is rub a little bit of toothpaste on your nails with an old toothbrush.
    2. Deodorant.
    3. Hand sanitizer.
    4. Perfume.
    5. Hairspray.
    6. Top coat.

    Subsequently, question is, how do you remove nail polish with toothpaste? Using toothpaste to remove nail polish

    1. Take a dollop of toothpaste on your fingertip, your palm or a small bowl.
    2. Cover each of your nails with toothpaste using your fingers or a cotton ball.
    3. Rub the nails with toothpaste, or scrape them with a nail file.
    4. Keep rubbing or scraping until all the nail polish is removed.

    Likewise, does rubbing alcohol take off nail polish?

    If you cant find remover and dont want to waste your polish, rubbing alcohol based products are your next best bet. This includes straight-up rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, hairspray, body mist, perfume, and spray deodorant. While these products will remove your polish, they need a little more time to work.

    Is there a natural nail polish remover?

    Tates The Natural Miracle Odorless Nail Polish Remover This organic, mineral-based nail polish remover is said to remove nail polish 50 times faster than conventional, chemical-laden removers — that alone should spur you to want to try it.

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