• Bamboo typically takes around a month or so to germinate, however, sometimes it can take up to six months.

  • about 1 to 3 weeks

    Beside above, how do you start bamboo Moso seeds? Sprinkle approximately 3/4 of an inch of seed starting mix over the moso bamboo seeds, then gently tamp down the soil over the moso bamboo seeds. Place the 2-inch pots into a container that can hold 1 to 2 inches of water, such as an irrigation tray.

    Subsequently, question is, is it hard to grow bamboo from seed?

    The seeds are difficult to germinate and produce plants, so bamboo nurseries often plant thousands at a time to get just a few to sprout. They are also illegal to source seeds from outside of the United States.

    Is it hard to grow bamboo?

    The right bamboo can be hard to find. The problem is that even clumping species spread, albeit not as vigorously. It also can be hard to differentiate between the types, and some are mislabeled. Stick to a lucky bamboo in a small indoor pot, or avoid growing bamboo altogether.

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