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    • Martinique is located in Americas.

    • Martinique is an island country in the Caribbean Sea. It is surrounded by water, though St. Lucia is to the south of Martinique and Dominica is to the north. Martinique is a French-speaking country, seeing as it is also a region of France, despite being offshore and physically disconnected from the rest of France. Martinique is considered part of the Lesser Antilles, an archipelago in the West Indies. Since Martinique is under French rule, the country is also part of the European Union.

    • Martinique is found above the earth's equator, which is made known by the latitude of Martinique, which happens to be 14.6415° N. This point also places Martinique in the northern hemisphere. The other GPS coordinate of Martinique is a longitudinal point of 61.0242° W, showing that the country is found in the western hemisphere of the globe.

    • Martinique’s climate remains predominantly humid throughout the year. As an island country in the Caribbean Sea, it makes sense that Martinique experiences warm weather and high levels of humidity yearlong. Precipitation is most common in Martinique during ts of October and November. That said, it rains at least ten times every month, with the greatest average of rainy days occurring in July.

    • The population of Martinique, as of 2019, is a total of 385,196 people. With such a small population size, Martinique is home to less than 0% of the total global population. As such, Martinique is the 179th largest country in the world, though it does make more sense to say that Martinique ranks as the 18th smallest country based on population.

    • Martinique is comprised of a mere 426 square miles. The total area of Martinique is considered only to include land regions. The percentage of the total area that is made up of water is negligible because Martinique is an island country. With a width of 12.96 miles and a length of 64.1 miles, Martinique is a mountainous island. It happens to be the home of an active volcano as well. Martinique’s Mount Pelee reaches a peak of 4,583 feet above sea level. Pelee experienced its most recent volcanic explosion on May 8, 1902.

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