• Connect an ethernet cable to your laptop ethernetport and connect the other end to your wirelessrouter's Internet port. This means, the router isready to accept internet connection from your laptop. GotoControl Panel -

    1. Launch PdaNet and make sure WiFi router mode is enabled.
    2. On the computer create an ad-hoc (aka peer-to-peer) WiFinetwork and connect to it.
    3. On the iPhone go to Settings->WiFi and you should see thead-hoc network name of your computer, tap on it to connect.

    Likewise, how do I set up PdaNet? Heres how to do it:

    1. Run the PdaNet 3.02 app on your Android phone.
    2. In the apps main screen, you will see two buttons.
    3. Plug the phone into the desktop using the USB cable.
    4. If the desktop doesnt automatically connect, right-click onthe PdaNet icon on the System Tray, then select “ConnectInternet” from the menu.

    Besides, how do I tether my phone to my router?

    1. Access the ASUSWRT control panel.
    2. Go to “USB application settings” and choose 3G/4Gdata.
    3. Connect your phone by using a USB cord.
    4. Under the WAN Index, change the WAN Type to USB.
    5. Enable USB Mode and select Android phone as the USBdevice.

    Why is PdaNet not working?

    If not that means either you do not havedata connection on your phone or you have to disable MobileBroadband or any other built-in tethering feature on the phone.Please check your phone and make sure PdaNet (usbtether) has been turned on. This indicates the right version ofPdaNet is not running on your phone.

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