• When variables are the same, multiplying them together compresses them into a single factor (variable). But you still can't combine different variables. When multiplying variables, you multiply the coefficients and variables as usual.

  • Multiplying Quantities with Exponents We can multiply two quantities with exponents if they have the same base. To multiply two quantities with the same base, multiply their coefficients and add their exponents. For example, 4(5)5×3(5)2 = (3×4)(5)5 2 = 12(5)7 and 5(2x)2×6(2x)y = (5×6)(2x)2 y = 30(2x)2 y.

    Additionally, can you multiply two exponents with different bases? When you multiply expressions with the same exponent but different bases, you multiply the bases and use the same exponent. When you multiply expressions with different bases and different exponents, there is no rule to simplify the process.

    Consequently, can you add variables with different coefficients?

    Whether you add or subtract variables, you follow the same rule, even though they have different operations: when adding or subtracting terms that have exactly the same variables, you either add or subtract the coefficients, and let the result stand with the variable. For example: Addition.

    Can you add exponents with different powers?

    Adding exponents and subtracting exponents really doesnt involve a rule. If a number is raised to a power, add it to another number raised to a power (with either a different base or different exponent) by calculating the result of the exponent term and then directly adding this to the other.

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