• New Hampshire Lakes Shown on the Map: First Connecticut Lake, Lake Francis, Lake Winnipesaukee, Moore Reservoir, Newfound Lake, Ossipee Lake, Second Connecticut Lake, Sunapee Lake, Umbagog Lake and Winnisquam Lake.

  • These are the 15 best lakes in New Hampshire.

    • Lake Winnipesaukee; Belknap and Carroll Counties.
    • Squam Lake; Grafton, Carroll and Belknap Counties.
    • Pawtuckaway Lake; Rockingham County.
    • Lake Sunapee; Sullivan and Merrimack Counties.
    • Newfound Lake; Grafton County.
    • Ossipee Lake; Carroll County.
    • Spofford Lake; Cheshire County.

    Furthermore, how many lakes are in New Hampshire? There are nearly 1,000 lakes and ponds greater than 10 acres in the state with a total surface area of almost 165,000 acres (NH- DES, 2008a). With the exception of Lake Umbagog and Lake Sunapee, the larg- est lakes are in New Hampshires Lakes Region: Winnipesau- kee, Squam, Win- nisquam and New- found.

    Furthermore, what are the cleanest lakes in New Hampshire?

    New Hampshires Five Clearest Lakes

    1. Nebanusit Lake. Located between the towns of Nelson and Hancock, this 718-acre lake is classified as a cold-water fishery.
    2. Lake Winnipesaukee.
    3. Merrymeeting Lake.
    4. Spofford Lake.
    5. Lake Sunapee.

    Whats the biggest lake in New Hampshire?

    In the winter, the smaller lakes are good for ice skating, but the largest lakes in New Hampshire are popular primarily for their summer recreation opportunities.

    • Lake Winnipesaukee. Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in New Hampshire.
    • Lake Umbagog.
    • Lake Squam.
    • Newfound Lake.
    • Lake Winnisquam.
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