• This means that anything that looks blue or green to the human eye is invisible in the water to whales. The one color that whales can see as a dark shape in their bright, watery environment is red.

  • Most whales tend to be various shades of light to dark grey, blue and black, which may lighten or darken as the whale ages. Some whale species may also appear to be a brownish color while the beluga whale is born white.

    Furthermore, how big is a sperm whales eye? The sperm whales eye does not differ greatly from those of other toothed whales except in size. It is the largest among the toothed whales, weighing about 170 g. It is overall ellipsoid in shape, compressed along the visual axis, measuring about 7×7×3 cm. The cornea is elliptical and the lens is spherical.

    Beside above, do whales have eyes?

    Whales tend to rely more on their senses of hearing, touch and echolocation, since their sight is compromised. Still, they do have eyes and are certainly able to use them. Whales have slightly flattened eyeballs with an enlarged pupil. Both of these adaptations allow the eye to let in as much light as possible.

    Why do whales have small eyes?

    Whale Senses A whales eyes primary sense is her hearing. Dan Bortolottis book Wild Blue: A Natural History of the Worlds Largest Animal, mentions that one of the reasons whales eyes are small in proportion to their body is because they have evolved to rely less on vision and more on hearing.

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