• Polar coordinates are points labeled (r,θ) and plotted on a polar grid. The reference point (analogous to the origin of a Cartesian system) is called the pole, and the ray from the pole in the reference direction is the polar axis.

  • The graph of a polar equation is the set of all points in the plane whose polar coordinates (at least one representation) satisfy the equation. The graph of the polar equation r = 1 consists of those points in the plane whose distance from the pole is 1. That is the circle of radius 1 centered at the pole.

    Subsequently, question is, what jobs use polar coordinates? Polar coordinates are used in animation, aviation, computer graphics, construction, engineering and the military.

    Subsequently, one may also ask, what are polar coordinates used for?

    Position and navigation. Polar coordinates are used often in navigation as the destination or direction of travel can be given as an angle and distance from the object being considered. For instance, aircraft use a slightly modified version of the polar coordinates for navigation.

    How do you solve a polar coordinate equation?

    To convert from Polar Coordinates (r,θ) to Cartesian Coordinates (x,y) : x = r × cos( θ ) y = r × sin( θ )

    The value of tan-1( y/x ) may need to be adjusted:

    1. Quadrant I: Use the calculator value.
    2. Quadrant II: Add 180°
    3. Quadrant III: Add 180°
    4. Quadrant IV: Add 360°
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