• 1936 Mercury Dime. CoinTrackers.com has estimated the1936 Mercury Dime value at an average of ****, one incertified mint state (MS ) could be worth .

  • 1942 Dime Value. The 1942 dime value is.45 - helped by the price of silver it contains. Amajority of 1942 Mercury dimes, if circulated are atthis price. Collectors and dealers begin to attach a premiumvalue to coins in uncirculated condition, coins that haveremained well preserved and appear as if brand new.

    how much is a 1932 dime worth? An uncirculated coin can run from ,000 to ,000.1921 Mercury Dime: Though there were significantly moreminted in this year, it is one of the hardest to find. Value canrange from to ,000.

    Herein, how much is a Mercury dime worth today?

    Mercury Head Dime Coin was minted between 1916 and 1945, these coins are90% silver so the melt value* for a Mercury Dime iscurrently .23, but the coins may be worth more to acollector. The 1916 Ds are worth between to asthey were minted in limited quantity.

    How much is a dime from 1945 worth?

    The value of the 1945 dime pictured is to and an above average example. A nice quality and affordablecoin and one that would fit well into a Mercury dimecollection. Mercury head dimes are 90% silver, a precious metal andworth well above their original ten cents.

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