• Comb Coils last several weeks and are low maintenance. We recommend cleansing and conditioning with a stocking cap on to protect the twists.

  • Wash your coils using a stocking cap which protects the twists from unraveling while still letting shampoo and water get through to the hair. Use a moisturizer as needed. As always a satin scarf or bonnet at night will keep your style looking fresh and help it to last longer.

    Also Know, how long do finger coils last? three weeks

    Also question is, can comb coils turn into dreads?

    Palm rolls, two-strand twists, individual braids, and comb coils are all effective ways to begin the locking process. You can also move right into a loc look with a process like Sister Locks -- the hair wont actually loc for some time, but it will appear loced.

    Can you wash comb coils?

    If you have just twisted a very short length of hair, it may be difficult to wash them because of the certainty of unraveling or loosening back into an afro. For short comb coils/twists you can opt to use witch hazel or sea breeze (or a mix) on a cotton pad, and rub it across the scalp, gently.

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